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Another Kiran Bedi Comes To Town?

There may be a lot for the female folk to cheer about with Nilambari Jagadale on Tuesday taking over as the first woman Senior Superintendent of Police of UT Chandigarh. But law breakers and criminals beware, she comes with the image of a no nonsense hard boiled policewoman.

In her first media interaction on taking charge, Nilambari, who has headed the police force in three districts of Punjab, two of them being sensitive border districts of Fazilka and Pathankot, came across as a balanced professional police officer, becoming empathetic and sympathetic, and ruthless as the situation demands.

Another Kiran Bedi Comes To Town?, Lifeinchd

Her inclination to interact and seek suggestions from the public, including the media, to further improve policing in the union territory could bode well for the Chandigarh folks menaced by intolerable levels of street crime and violence.

Nilambari, an engineering graduate, who worked in a multinational corporation (MNC) for two years before joining the IPS, appeared keen on revisiting some community policing initiatives taken in Chandigarh in the past and adding her own inputs to make the Chandigarh Police more people friendly.

Another Kiran Bedi Comes To Town?, Lifeinchd

She feels that for a professional police officer the challenges are the same whether you are a man or a woman. So long as you are fair and professional in your approach you will be respected by the force as well as the public at large, she asserted.

Having Kiran Bedi, the first Indian IPS officer, and the only woman Inspector General of Chandigarh Police so far, as her role model, Nilambari has a chance to prove her mettle in a bigger arena which is Chandigarh, joint capital of two states.

Remember the days when Kiran Bedi used to roam the streets incognito at night keeping a watchful eye on her force, for which she was appreciated and loved by the Chandigarh populace. It’s an example worth emulating.

We wish her Good Luck & All The Best!!

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