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Savour The Desert Flavours At WelcomHotel Bella Vista

Any talk of Rajasthan is sure to conjure up thoughts of the famed Marwari culture, the flavour of the arid land and the aan, baan and shaan of the Rajputi Maharajas and Maharanis. But you will be doing injustice to India’s North Western border state if you do not include its cuisine, characterised by liberal use to ghee and rich spices and flavour.

So when an invitation came for a preview of “Rangeelo Rajasthan”, a festival of authentic cuisine from an essentially desert land, which began at WelcomHotel Bella Vista in Panchkula on Friday, we couldn’t hold ourselves back. The festival continues till February 11.

Savour The Desert Flavours At WelcomHotel Bella Vista, Lifeinchd

Photos By : Life In Chandigarh

Chef Hanuman Pratap Singh, who has been invited from WelcomHotel Jodhpur to lay out the authentic Rajasthani platter for the Bella Vista guests, gave us a live demonstration of preparing two very popular Rajasthani dishes – the Ker Sangri, a tangy vegetable dish that is a must on every Marwari wedding menu, and a mouth-watering fish curry Rai Ki Macchi. 

Savour The Desert Flavours At WelcomHotel Bella Vista, Lifeinchd

Spelling out the rich fare laid out for guests during the week, Duddi Reny Manohar, Executive Chef, and Vivek Khanna, General Manager, WelcomHotel Bella Vista, said the menu has been crafted by Chef Hanuman and his team taking pains to strike a balance between veg and non-veg food enthusiasts.

Savour The Desert Flavours At WelcomHotel Bella Vista, Lifeinchd 

The vegetarian starters include Moong Dal Kebab, Sangri Ke Kabab and Paneer Ke Sooley among others, whereas the menu for non-vegetarian starters includes Rai Ki Macchi, Charkha Murgh and Maas Ke Sooley.


The main course of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu is a big draw. From Macchi RamgadiMurgh Ki Mokal to Laal Maas and Safed Maas, everything has been included in the non vegetarian menu. The vegetarian main course has attractions like Paneer Methi Dana, Chakki Ka Saag, Ker Sangri Achari, Tripolia Subzi and more.


The Rajasthani food experience will be incomplete without the world famous desserts – Churma, Misri Mawa, Rajbhog, Malai Ghev and Malpua.


The breads include Bejadki Roti and Methi Ki Roti. Some other famous dishes of Rajasthan like Bati Dal, Moong Mogar Jaipuri and Gatta Pulao complete the menu.

 Savour The Desert Flavours At WelcomHotel Bella Vista, Lifeinchd

Vivek Khanna promises that this is just the beginning. “As part of our plans we want to bring authentic cuisines from across India for our guests. We recently held a Kashmiri Food Festival and after this Rajasthani Food Festival we have lined up an Exotic Sizzler Extravaganza, a Gelato Festival and a Wine Festival."

So, savour the desert flavours at ‘Rangeelo Rajasthan’, WelcomHotel Bella Vista !! On till February 11. 

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