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In A Very Rare Event, Sextuplets (6 Babies) Born To Pakistani Woman

In a very rare occurrence, a 27 years old woman in Rawalpindi, Pakistan has given birth to six babies (sextuplets) – four male and two female – in the nursery of the district hospital on Friday (19.04.2024) via a complicated C-section surgery.

According to media reports, quoting attending doctors, the babies were delivered one after the other in an hour and that both the babies and the mother were keeping well.

The woman, Zeenat Waheed, wife of Mohammad, developed slight complications after the multiple childbirths, but doctors assured that she would be fine after a few days of care.

The babies, though their weights are normal, are being kept in an incubator as a precautionary measure.

The parents and the hospital medical team were elated at the development.

Though birth of sextuplets happens one in every 4.5 million pregnancies, and live births of such a high number of babies are a rare occurrence, there have been even more rare instances on record of the world witnessing birth of septuplets (7 babies), octuplets (8 babies) and nonuplets (9 babies) as well.

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