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Mika Goes Loud and Clear

If you have a problem with the morning azaan or kirtan, get your home soundproofed, says singer Mika Singh who was in Chandigarh for a concert

You have to give it to Twitter and the celebrities who tweet incessantly on it for always giving scribes something to write about. Bollywood playback singer Sonu Nigam recently put out his opinion on the morning azaan emanating from his neighbourhood on Twitter. And like a domino effect, everyone has had something to say on the matter.

Mika Goes Loud and Clear, Lifeinchd

Photo By: Vikram Joy

Never one to shy away from speaking his mind, popular singer Mika Singh took to Twitter to make it clear that he doesn’t support Nigam’s opinion on banning loudspeakers at places of worship. He even cited late night ‘jagrans’ that singers like both of him have been a part of. “We must be tolerant towards all religions and there is a reason why places of worship have loudspeakers,” said Mika as he spoke to us on the sidelines of his concert in Chandigarh on Saturday evening.

“Be it a mosque or gurudwara, the daily prayers let the devotees know that the place of worship is now open. Also for some, who don’t have a radio or television at home, they have something to listen to,” said the singer who was invited by Red FM as part of its official launch in Chandigarh and Amritsar. Speaking about his recent tweets, he also mentioned how he respects Sonu Nigam ‘bhai’ immensely and would definitely make up with him. “If someone has a problem with the loudspeakers or noise, soundproofing the home is also an option,” he added.

Wearing his signature swag (read dark sunglasses, a striking khanda pendant and a couple of silver chains thrown in) Mika arrived at Leisure Valley to a thunderous applause. “It always feels good to perform in Punjab. It requires a different energy level from me when I sing here,” said Mika who has recently come back from a long tour of the US.

Mika Goes Loud and Clear, Lifeinchd

Photo By: Vikram Joy

“I did 12 back-to-back shows. It has been my endeavour to showcase Punjabi all across the world. I love live performances; it’s like meditation for me,” said Mika as he also mentioned gifting Paris Hilton a khanda pendant.

As he readied to hit the stage, someone popped the question ‘When will Mika get married?’ To this the singer, in his witty style, remarked, “There are many more eligible bachelors in the country like Rahul Gandhi and Salman (Khan) bhai. But I am known to be a trendsetter. So maybe after I get hitched, they will follow suit,” he chuckled. Quintessential Mika Singh.

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