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Life Is Not A Competition, Life Is You

Every child is a bundle of talent, but not every child or parent is able to identify and hone it for his or her wholesome development. Here comes a self-help book ‘W.O.W. Child’, a maiden one by a Chandigarh-based life coach, motivational speaker and business consultant that promises to give every child a fair understanding of being the best version of himself or herself.

Published by White Falcon Publishing and launched recently, the 67 page fun-learning book by Vaneet Sodhi is an amalgamation of the author’s own experiences and inspiring real life stories, through which she has sought to give children in the age group 5 years and above knowledge and understanding of basic life skills like anger management, problem-solving, etc, and how to apply them. Though a comprehensive programme, involving inspirational real-life accounts and fun-filled activities, the book encourages children to think out of the box.

Life Is Not A Competition, Life Is You, Lifeinchd

In a foreword to the book, now available for reading on Amazon Kindle (paperback can be ordered on Flipkart and Amazon), educator Sonu Mehrotra has said “In this book, the author, Vaneet Sodhi has tried to explore various traits like love, affection, care, patience and empathy, through which a child can bring a difference to his life and become a W.O.W. individual.

“What I loved the most was the real-life stories that she has tried to weave with a positive outcome. She has attempted to convey that certain traits that may be considered negative by us can be manoeuvred to the child’s benefit. For example, anger, which is a socially-disapproved trait, was used by a nine-year-old boy as a tool to become a famous wrestler.”

She says, “The best part is that in every chapter Vaneet has given some real-time tips which can be easily implemented in our lives. The author has been working with children as a transformational coach, guiding them at different phases of their lives and mentoring them. Therefore, the kind of understanding she has about children is reflected in the book. I am sure parents, children and educators will enjoy reading this book and imbibe the learnings given.”

Life Is Not A Competition, Life Is You, Lifeinchd

The message author Vaneet Sodhi wants to give out is: “Life is not a competition, Life is you.” She shares, “This book will help you hone the skills and smart techniques that should naturally help you understand your hidden talent. Keeping in mind the different learning styles, I have incorporated illustrations and images along with the stories. 

“In addition, there are some fun-learning activities that can help children identify their personality traits and build confidence. This is an amazing book for kids who want to identify the wow factor in their life. Here ‘wow’ represents “worthy, outstanding, winner which each one of us deserves to be as these qualities already exist in each one of us right from childhood!”  by APR Media House is an enjoyable digital reading startup, which keeps you abreast of the latest meaningful happenings of interest to large sections of folks in Chandigarh tricity, and expats from the region. It has been promoted by a public spirited senior journalist and media consultant with a view to encourage good quality and healthy journalism, a dire need of the times.

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