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Here Come Much-needed Advanced Free-Of-Cost Video Lessons For Classes 3 To 12

Online learning has become big business, with apps starting to aggressively market themselves and spend massively on advertising and other promotional activities. They are out to catch the fancy of an ever increasing community of ambitious parents prepared to go to any length to position their children in a highly competitive world. So you have corporates like Byju’s, Toppr, Meritnation, etc, largely driven by profits, vying with each other to capture a potentially huge market. But are they contributing to the country’s larger goal of education for all? What about those who cannot afford?

Here comes a potential game-changer. TeachingBharat, touted as India’s first free-of-cost YouTube-based English language education channel, has complete video lessons in difficult subjects – Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English – for classes 3 to 12 complying to CBSE and ICSE syllabi. These have been designed and presented by highly qualified and experienced teachers in their respective subjects.

Here Come Much-needed Advanced Free-Of-Cost Video Lessons For Classes 3 To 12, Lifeinchd

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Students accessing the online platform, made possible with years of tireless efforts put in by  public-spirited young engineer-entrepreneur from a well-to-do business family Amrinder ‘Gold’ Sandhu, his wife Janam Sandhu, an equal partner in the philanthropic venture, and their team, do not even require a regular internet connection. They can just download and copy the lessons to a pen drive or a CD.

Gushing with excitement and a sense of accomplishment, Amrinder (38 years) and Janam  shared their vision and the high and lows of their five years long journey “from darkness to light” during a select media interaction at Dhaba Estd 1986 in Chandigarh on Tuesday.

The project was huge, both financially and in scope of work. It was the sense of commitment towards the national goal of ‘Education for All’, and the passionate entrepreneurs and innovators in the Sandhu couple, which saw them and their team of dedicated professionals overcoming all hurdles in the way and taking their dream to its logical conclusion. The entire project was steered by Amrinder-owned successful venture Brainmeasures, an ISO certified company.

Here Come Much-needed Advanced Free-Of-Cost Video Lessons For Classes 3 To 12, Lifeinchd

Later the Sandhu couple told that “Lots and lots of research work went into the project, current drawbacks and reach of our teaching system was studied in depth and analysed. Based on the data collected several rounds of discussions took place within our core team and a broad roadmap was chalked out to provide a highly professional and forward-looking online learning programme which should be simple and accessible to teachers and students even in the remotest corners of the country.

“We involved experienced PhD teachers in preparing and presenting these lesson-by-lesson series in different subjects and for different classes as per prescribed syllabi of CBSE and ICSE. The video lectures were again analysed from time to time and further refined from the standpoint of presentation and absorption by the target audience,” the couple added. 

Various visual aids have been used to explain concepts, wherever necessary. Experiments, especially in chemistry, have also been performed and recorded for better understanding of students and teachers alike, they explained.

The identified problem areas for students and parents:

  1. Non existence of a platform which covers each and every topic, lesson by lesson according to prescribed syllabus of CBSE & ICSE.

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  3. Dire need for good teachers with thorough understanding of subjects and ability to explain complex concepts in a simple, easily understood manner.

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  5. Students without regular internet connection, unable to access available online portals

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  7. Non affordability of existing platforms

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The solutions provided on TeachingBharat YouTube channel:

  1. Entire syllabus of Classes 3 to 12 for both CBSE & ICSE covered lesson by lesson

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  3. Lessons prepared and presented by PhD teachers in their respective subjects

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  5. Students can easily access lectures by downloading them and saving them on pen drives and CDs.

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