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Focus On Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing At Radiology Meet

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools are today providing radiologists a more insightful interpretation, adding value to medical reports that can have positive impact on patient outcomes. Hence the need for radiologists to embrace and master these new technologies for enhanced patient experiences through minimal interventions. Imaging analytics are allowing imaging studies to be screened for conditions like osteoporosis, coronary artery disease and abnormal fat deposition in the liver, which do not show any apparent symptoms.

These and many other issues and latest developments in the field of radiology are going to be discussed in an impressive gathering of specialists and super specialists from across the country and abroad during a four-day 72nd Annual Conference of Indian Radiological & Imaging Association (IRIA) being hosted by the Chandigarh chapter of the association and the Department of Radiodiagnosis and Imaging of PGI Chandigarh from Thursday.

Focus On Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing At Radiology Meet, Lifeinchd

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Sharing the information with media persons here on Wednesday, Prof (Dr) MS Sandhu, Head of Department of Radiodiagnosis and Imaging, PGI Chandigarh, and Prof (Dr) Paramjeet Singh, one of the two organising chairmen of the conference, said the conference will also have a deep focus on 3D printing.

Besides well known radiologists from across the country, the line-up of international radiologists expected to participate include more than half a dozen alumni of PGI Chandigarh who are currently working with some of the most renowned hospitals of the world.

Among the star international radiologists expected are Dr Taylor Chung, a renowned pediatric radiologist and current President of the Society of Pediatric Radiologists, Dr Sanjay Gupta from world’s No. 1 cancer hospital MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, Dr Ajay Kumar Singh from another renowned hospital Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, and Dr Rajeev Suri, renowned vascular interventional radiologist from the University of Texas.

The organisers said participants will get an opportunity to interact with experts and learn the art of performing specialised ultrasounds as well as image-guided interventions from them.

Sharing latest advances in the Department of Radiodiagnosis & Imaging at PGI Chandigarh, 

Prof Paramjeet Singh said the institute authorities have been generous in allowing the department to acquire the latest machines which have kept it in step with the technological advancements in the world. The recent addition of the cryoablation machine has made PGI Chandigarh the only hospital in the country to have the facility of this most modern machine.

Cryoablation uses image guidance to insert a needle-like applicator, called a cryoprobe, and liquid nitrogen or argon gas to create intense cold (nearly minus-150 degrees Celsius) to freeze and destroy diseased tissue, including cancer cells. It is generally used to treat a variety of skin conditions as well as tumours within the liver, kidneys, bones, lungs and breasts.

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