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Cushioning The Gold Burden For Marriage-Bound Families!

With the price of gold shooting through the roof, I am sure many a family will be in a dilemma over buying jewellery for this festive and wedding season! India’s trusted jewellery brand Tanishq, from the House of Tatas, claims to have an answer. Its annual festive jewellery collection for this year Ekatvam has cut down on the weight of 160-odd products in the range by 20-30% while maintaining the volume, exquisiteness and quality of the elaborate festive jewellery pieces.

Launching the collection in a virtual press conference on Monday, the top management of Tanishq assured customers that 22-carat gold has been used in the jewellery, inspired by the theme of ‘Oneness’, as the nation, in a spirit of togetherness, prepares to get back on track to recovery from the jolt given by Covid-19 pandemic. 

Cushioning The Gold Burden For Marriage-Bound Families!, LifeinchdThe collection, starting from Rs 40,000, has already reached the Tanishq stores across the country, which the company maintains are meticulously following a “gold standard of safety protocols”.

However the company is giving its customers different options of virtually bringing its stores to the comfort of their homes. Among them is a virtual replication of a physical visit to the store. Families gather before a smart TV to review and choose from a wide variety of jewellery pieces being presented live from the nearest Tanishq store.

Cushioning The Gold Burden For Marriage-Bound Families!, LifeinchdThe company said it had made arrangement for seamless and safe handover of the products at the doorstep of the customer.

The collection is also available on Tanishq’s e-commerce platform

Cushioning The Gold Burden For Marriage-Bound Families!, LifeinchdSpeaking on the launch of Ekatvam collection, Revathi Kant, Chief Design Officer, Titan Co. Ltd., said, “Ekatvam is an ode to the rich artistry of some of the India’s best karigars who have come together in spirit of togetherness from around the country. The splendor of this collection lies in the integration of various regions across India featuring 15 different art forms, bound together as one masterpiece in each piece of jewellery.

Cushioning The Gold Burden For Marriage-Bound Families!, LifeinchdThis magnificent neckpiece is a confluence of layered Jali work closely intertwined with Rawa-inspired borders that signify the strength of togetherness. The trickling accents of rubies tie all styles into one. This piece brings together diverse moments into one artistic creation.

“The exquisite collection features stunning designs where elegance merges with solidity and modernity with use of various unique karigari techniques like Nakkashi, Rawa work, Kit-Kita work and Chandak layering. The delicate patterns and effortless artistry highlight the rich origin of these karigari techniques. In Tanishq’s festive collection, craftsmanship is combined with the finest Indian art forms signifying the vision of togetherness that resides in the core thought of Ekatvam.”

Revathi shared that “while designing the collection both aesthetics and affordability were kept in mind. Layers were used to give the jewellery a spread-out look while at the same time keeping the jewellery pieces low on weight.”

Cushioning The Gold Burden For Marriage-Bound Families!, LifeinchdThis piece features fine balance of artistic craftsmanship with a Veni-inspired pendant that stunningly ties together Chandak and Kundan art forms. It matches the brightness of being surrounded by loved ones.

Arun Narayan, Vice President, Category, Marketing & Retail, Tanishq, Titan Co. Ltd., told media persons that the company stood by the thousands of karigars (90% of them migrants from West Bengal) associated with it through channel partners by ensuring that they were paid adequately through the lockdown to help them sustain themselves and their families and did not remain idle.

The company also did not cut back on investment, and right through the lockdown, initiated steps to generate demand so that when the migrants returned, there was work for them, he said, adding that Tanishq as a brand had resorted to high decibel visibility by extending its promotional campaigns to the Indian Premier League (IPL), besides the usual online and offline media platforms.

Cushioning The Gold Burden For Marriage-Bound Families!, LifeinchdThe lustrous confluence of Rajasthan and Bengal, the splendor of Kundan interwoven with the grace of Filigree and grandiose blending with intricacy, the result is this striking piece. This pair of bangles reflects the beauty of togetherness in one dazzling piece.

Ajoy Chawla, CEO, Jewellery Division, Titan Co. Ltd., quoted a recent survey conducted by the company among its customers to express optimism about the collection doing well and overall jewellery sales remaining robust during the festive and wedding season. He said 70% of customers reached were open to buying jewellery, and out of them half were keen on buying it.

Dwelling on some trends in gold jewellery sales as the unlocking of the economy progresses, he shared, “people have not stopped buying gold jewellery to celebrate their special days like birthdays, marriage anniversaries, etc. because unlike other indulgences like accessories, consumer goods, etc, gold is not considered wasteful expenditure because its value will never diminish and will only appreciate in the long run.”

The Rs 1-3 lakh price range of gold and studded jewellery is still in demand, though the sub Rs 1 lakh and the very high end jewellery segments are definitely subdued, he added.  

Does the brand expect a 100% recovery in Q3? To this Chawla says, “We don’t know. In fact nobody can predict what is going to happen in the future. We are only hopeful for a better Q3 and an even better Q4. The signs are positive and we are positive too, and prepared.”

People are looking forward to a festive cheer after months of lockdown. They are ready to step out and reclaim their lives. With the deferred weddings coming through, the pent up demand for jewellery is also likely to be unlocked. The jewellery brand’s optimism is based on this scenario playing out.  by APR Media House is an enjoyable digital reading startup, which keeps you abreast of the latest meaningful happenings of interest to large sections of folks in Chandigarh tricity, and expats from the region. It has been promoted by a public spirited senior journalist and media consultant with a view to encourage good quality and healthy journalism, a dire need of the times.

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