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Bronze Age Therapeutic Dining Ware Brought To Mode Table

Ayurveda recommends use of kansa (also called bronze or bell metal) dining ware in our daily lives for its purifying properties and boundless health benefits. But, for it to be effective, the alloy needs to be pure, meaning in absolutely accurate proportion of 78% copper and 22% tin. Kishco, the heritage cutlery, cookware and tableware brand since 1950, has launched an entire collection of Pure Kansa dining ware – authentic and tailor made for the contemporary kitchen.

Speaking to at the media launch of the latest collection for the Punjab market at Chandigarh on Monday, celebrated healthcare and wellness expert and author Namita Jain, who is also Managing Director of Kishco, shared that her brand, after extensive research and development, has brought ancient wisdom to the mode table in its authentic and purest form with the introduction of Pure Kansa Collection.

Bronze Age Therapeutic Dining Ware Brought To Mode Table, Lifeinchd

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“I have been meaning for long to bring this collection to the market, and keep the kansa tradition and heritage alive in its true form by promoting the master craftsmen associated with it,” she informed.

Emphasising that most of what is being passed off as kansa in the market today comes from the unorganised sector and hence lacks authenticity and assurance of purity, Namita asserted that “We, at Kishco, have developed a brand trust by setting benchmarks in the industry over nearly seven decades of our existence. So, when we say our Pure Kansa Collection is 100% authentic, people believe in us.”   

The wellness expert added, “kansa is known to have amazing health benefits. It alkalises and purifies the food and also promotes digestive health. It promotes holistic healing by improving gut health and immunity along with relieving stress and boosting our energy levels.”

The Kishco Pure Kansa Collection includes a 6-piece Thali Set, a 6-piece Dinner Plate Set, a 2-piece Glass Gift Set and a 2-piece Katori Set. Also on offer is a 2-piece Buddha Bowl Set which is considered to be an ideal way to eat and credited with the potential for lowering the risk of chronic diseases. The price range for these sets starts from Rs 2750 and goes up to Rs 7550.

Expensive! Namita justified the pricing saying their kansa is hand crafted, authentic and pure. The price tags are also at par with branded kansa dining wear already available in the market, she stressed.

Made in an opulent shade of golden, the metal is claimed to improve with age.

Currently Kishco Pure Kansa Collection can be ordered at select outlets in the region – DCA Marketing in Chandigarh, Mahajan Crockery in Pathankot and Chaudhary Crockery in Ludhina.  

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