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To create awareness about Down Syndrome, Chill Bey in Sector 10 is hosting a special event

As part of a unique initiative to create awareness about Down Syndrome, Chill Bey, the takeout grill eatery in Sector 10 is hosting a special event on Sunday (March 19). To drive home the message that those living with Down Syndrome don’t have a “problem”, the eatery will get children and adults with Down Syndrome to assist in packaging and selling food and cold pressed juices.

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Your presence, a smile or a chat will help boost their self confidence. And if you can't resist the food and healthy juices and decide to buy, then you are also helping raise funds for charity.


  •    Shalini Gupta, a parent & nutrition expert, will be interacting with parents on the importance of healthy diet especially gluten and casein free diet for special children.
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  •    Special Gluten Free Food
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  •     Chill Bey will also be donating a percentage of its sales to Down Syndrome Federation of India, Chennai.
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What: Down Syndrome Awareness Event

When: March 19 (Sunday)

Where: Chill Bey, Coal Depot, Sector 10, Chandigarh

Time: 4.30pm onwards

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