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Ode to Bhagat Singh

Let's not forget Bhagat Singh's ideals, says R&B singer Navv Inder who has released a new single as a tribute to the freedom fighter

‘23 March taan har saal manayi di, na Bhagat Singh di soch apnayi di’ (We celebrate March 23 every year but do not follow Bhagat Singh’s ideals) – says R&B singer, Navv Inder, in his new song, ‘Ik Soch – Bhagat Singh’. Navv Inder is the voice behind 2015’s global smash hit, ‘Wakhra Swag’ (that has garnered 65 million plus views on Youtube). Close on the heels of ‘Wakhra Swag’, Navv released another chartbuster, ‘Att Tera Yaar’ that has crossed 15 million hits on Youtube (and still counting).


Ode to Bhagat Singh, Lifeinchd


Every year, March 23 is observed as Martyrs’ Day in honour of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev, who were hanged on the same day in 1931. His death at the age of 23 was the tipping point of the Indian freedom struggle as it revitalised the freedom movement. “I have read Bhagat Singh extensively and what amazes me about the man is that at such a young age, he had such clear thoughts about life, society, nationalism and philosophy. His ideas are just so relevant even today, if only people were to adopt them,” says Navv, adding, “This was the idea behind this song, written by Navi Kamboz and produced by my music producer, Mr Nakulogic. We hope it will strike a chord with people.”

The music is very different from anything that Navv has done – there is a sense of foreboding in the background while the vocals lend an introspective mood to it. “We have deliberately emphasized algozey, the traditional folk music instrument of Punjab to create a hollow and dark theme. For Team Navv, the idea was to show a mirror to the society who may know of Bhagat Singh, but are not familiar with his ideals,” says Mr Nakulogic (Nakul Jolly), Music Producer of the single.


Ode to Bhagat Singh, Lifeinchd


The video of the song, directed by Mediaworks, also underlines the dark emotions that Navv is expressing in the song. Recollecting the persona of Bhagat Singh, Navv Inder reminds that Bhagat Singh, who did not plead mercy after his death sentence was pronounced, demanded that he be shot dead as a Prisoner of War as he was accused of waging a war against the state and should not be hanged. “It is this soch, this thinking that really moves me, especially when I compare it to the inaction of people and the chalta hai attitude that prevails in the society.”

Team Navv hopes to make a statement about imbibing the idea that was Bhagat Singh, instead of just laying wreaths or unveiling statues and other forms of tokenism while observing Martyrs Day.

The R&B singer will launch his next single, ‘Tu Meri Ki Lagdi’ in association with Times Music in April 2017.

To hear his song, click here:

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