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Now Your Lube Change Is Childs Play, At No Extra Cost

Next time you need to get your engine oil changed, you need not spend extra on a mechanic’s labour charges or compromise with a dealership for higher lube cost. Automatic lube change machines, based on vacuum suction technology, officially launched at select petrol dealerships of Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) across Chandigarh tricity on Monday, provide this facility free of service cost to the customers.

The entire process of draining the oil chamber down to the last drop of the polluted oil, and filling fresh oil, is done even before you realise it, is drip free and you can see the quality and quantity of the used oil drained and the fresh oil being pumped in right before your eyes. You just need to buy the specially formulated high-performance Servo lubricants, matching the specific requirements of your vehicle, from the petrol dealers with whom these machines are installed.

Now Your Lube Change Is Childs Play, At No Extra Cost, Lifeinchd

Photos By : Life In Chandigarh

Inaugurating the new ‘ServoExpress’ facility at one of the busiest IOCL retail outlet Sukhna Automobiles in Sector 28-C, company’s Executive Director – Punjab State Office Sujoy Choudhary said the facility had been simultaneously launched at four other IOCL petrol outlets – company owned company operated outlet in Sector 33-D, Kapoor Service Station, Sector 21-D, Mohali Filling Station, Mohali and Amalia Petro Point in Sector 50-D.

Among other senior company officials present were Chief General Manager –Retail Sales Amarendra Kumar and General Manager – Lubes Supriyo Ghoshal.

IOCL plans to roll out the ServoExpress facility at 300 of its retail outlets across Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir.

Now Your Lube Change Is Childs Play, At No Extra Cost, Lifeinchd

Interacting with, Choudhary said the machine, developed by one of the company’s own dealers in Madhya Pradesh Kishore Chhabra, brought to the table a win-win situation for both the vehicle owners as well as the petrol dealers. “To a customer it brings a most transparent process of oil change, that too free of any service charges. To a petrol dealer it brings a golden opportunity to increase his lube business.”

“We have started an awareness drive both for our valued customers as well as the dealers to convince them about the immense benefits of the ServoExpress facility and we are confident that it is going to gather popularity,” Choudhary added.

Now Your Lube Change Is Childs Play, At No Extra Cost, Lifeinchd

The machine costs approximately Rs 30,000 and its running cost is next to negligible. It can handle 100 two-wheelers and four wheelers per day and its lifespan is between 7-10 years. As an incentive to increase its lube sales, IOCL is offering this machine free of cost to its dealers who commit to a certain volume of lube orders from the company.

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