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Never Give Up

In times of endless worries and stress, Maj DP Singh's story of grit and determination is something we all can learn from

The doctors had given up on him. But he came back from the dead. A Kargil war veteran, Major DP Singh (retd) has made sure every second of his new life is well-lived with not a moment to waste. “Maybe God did not want me to come to him so soon and there was much more written in my destiny,” remarked the 42-year-old as he readied to share details about his latest endeavour in Chandigarh recently.


Never Give Up, Lifeinchd
Photo By: Life in Chandigarh


The Blade Runner

India’s first amputee distance runner or blade runner as he is more popularly referred to, Singh has participated in 18 marathons since he first started running in 2009 with a prosthetic leg. It wasn’t easy. There were times when he would bleed profusely but that didn’t deter his spirit. His running got better when he got his first artificial blades in 2011 courtesy the Indian Army’s Artificial Limb Centre. “My mantra has been ‘never quit’. It is what first drove me to run despite all odds, and even today, I motivate other people, including those with disabilities to have a never-give-up attitude,” says Singh, who ran in the Delhi Half Marathon 2016. 
Despite the fact that he cannot hear properly and has as many as 50 bomb shrapnels embedded in his body – he calls it a gift from the enemy – Singh is upbeat about life. His aim is motivate others in all spheres of life

New initiative in city
“If a physically disabled person can be socially responsible, then why not others?” questions Singh who announced the event – Swachh Ability Run 2016. Held on November 27, the run was open to amateur and professional runners. Organised as part of a seven-city event, there were two runs – 3 km and 10 km. “The main aim is to promote cleanliness and to show people that keeping a city clean is a joint effort,” informed Singh. “But whatever run you chose to be a part of, you have to finish it. Don’t leave it halfway. You should be concerned about completing the target with sheer resolution,” was the blade runner’s advice.


Never Give Up, Lifeinchd
Photo By: Life in Chandigarh


One for all
To motivate fellow amputees and to steer a community of disabled people like himself, Singh formed a group in 2011 called ‘The Challenging Ones’. “We have a large number of members and we also participate collectively in marathons,” says Singh who also gives lessons in blade running.

Did you know?
German sportswear brand Adidas has a unique footwear initiative called ‘Odds’, which is a pair of shoes for the same foot — catering to the needs of the para-athletes. Incidentally, the ad campaign for the shoe in India is spearheaded by Major D P Singh while veteran actor Kabir Bedi has lent his voice for the same. The ad film captures Singh’s life, his passion for running and becoming the first Indian to run a marathon with an artificial limb. Singh believes that losing a part of the body does not lead to disability. Losing the will to fight out odds does. “Celebrate the odds and be the winner. If you wish to give up anything, give up giving up. That’s the message I wish to give everyone. And that’s the reason I run every day.”

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