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How About 5 Mins Of Daily Janata Prayers™ Now, For Forgiveness & Mercy

If prayers be a powerful medium of communicating with the unseen Creator of this universe, on the occasion of Ramnavami, when the entire country is immersed in reverence of Lord Rama, how about all of us devoting 5 minutes daily to ‘Janata Prayers’ now, to seek forgiveness of Mother Nature for our arrogant and callous behaviour, and mercy for ourselves from Her wrath, which is manifesting itself in epidemics/pandemics and other calamities.

Coronavirus, one of the biggest challenges faced by mankind in recent times, has proved a great leveller, sparing no one, from the man in the street, to the high and the mighty.

How About 5 Mins Of Daily Janata Prayers™ Now, For Forgiveness & Mercy, Lifeinchd

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People who have amassed immense wealth, those who have attained great power and those who pride themselves in their unparalleled achievements and accomplishments, have, all of a sudden, realised how immaterial all these materialistic things are, and how utterly helpless and vulnerable they are despite all the resources at their command. The great fear of catching the super virus has forced them to take cover in the confines of their homes on an even footing with the common man.

Some of them have also gone public to admit this reality of life and resolved to be more compassionate towards fellow human beings. The milk of human kindness can also be seen in ample measure with the super rich and the powerful opening their hearts and loosening their purse strings in a show of solidarity with their lesser privileged brethren.

A heartening take away from these developments has been the increasing realisation among people that Mother Nature is paying us back with vengeance for plundering Her bountiful resources out of greed. Climate change, storms, floods, forest/bush fires, earthquakes, tsunamis to epidemics/pandemics, etc, are just manifestations of Nature’s wrath over the human race’s misconduct.

Man has been challenging the Creator (of this universe) at every step. Armed with the power of science and technology, man has come to believe that he can find solutions to every challenge thrown at him by the Supreme Being. Billions and billions are spent annually on worldwide research to counter these apparently self healing mechanisms of Nature. But man’s arrogance and stubbornness has steadfastly refused to accept this theology.

All this when a simple show of faith can do the trick – keep the Creator of this universe always in our thoughts, seek his forgiveness for our past follies and blessings to follow the righteous path.

We are a great civilisation, with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, enshrined in our ancient scriptures, to fall back on. We have to show the way to the world through the medium of faith.

While we perform ‘Janata Prayers’ for God’s forgiveness for our follies, and seek his blessings to spare mankind from the scourge of Coronavirus, let us also pray for peace and harmony in the world.

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