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Digital Dentistry = Greater Satisfaction To Customer: Dr Rajiv Chugh

Dentistry is rapidly moving from conventional to digital concepts, which have resulted in greater precision and customer comfort and satisfaction even while adding expenses to dental care. These were the views expressed by eminent dental surgeon from Delhi Dr Rajiv Chugh, whose forte is failed and difficult root canal treatments, during his recent visit to Chandigarh.

In city as guest speaker at a Continuing Dental Education (CDE) programme on ‘Latest In Predictable Endodontics’, organised by the Chandigarh state branch of the Indian Dental Association (IDA) and the International College of Dentists (ICD), Dr Chugh told on the sidelines that whether it is crowning or braces, dentistry is massively shifting from conventional concepts to digital.

Digital Dentistry = Greater Satisfaction To Customer: Dr Rajiv Chugh, Lifeinchd

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He said this is leading to greater precision and comfort and satisfaction of dental patients. At the same time the use of newer technologies are also pinching the pockets of customers, he added.

Sharing details, Dr Chugh said these days instead of conventional method of taking impression of the teeth, digital scanners are increasingly being used to take precise measurements, following which moulds are made using 3D printers and the caps fitted perfectly on affected teeth.

Digital Dentistry = Greater Satisfaction To Customer: Dr Rajiv Chugh, Lifeinchd

The newest concept, he said, is of chair side crowning, wherein machine milling of crowns is done right there and then at the clinic within a couple of hours. However, as the machine is very expensive (upwards of Rs 1 crore), affordability of the new concept remains an issue, he opined.

He informed that another digital age product is transparent aligners in place of the conventional braces.  After a comprehensive scan of the teeth, a series of what are called trays are made, which can be fixed in sets of teeth one by one. These are in vogue because of not being visible to the naked eye and very effective. However, the treatment is pretty expensive and not everyone can afford it. These aligners also don’t work in all dental situations, he averred.

Digital Dentistry = Greater Satisfaction To Customer: Dr Rajiv Chugh, Lifeinchd

Coming to his forte, which is failed or difficult root canal treatments, he shared that a common mistake many dentists make during root canal treatment is to use the instruments on multiple patients, when these are generally meant for single use. These instruments are expensive and add to the inherent cost of treatment. To cut corners, some dentists use the same instruments on multiple patients resulting in their breakage at times during procedure.

He emphasised that patients should be made aware that root canal treatment is not a panacea for all dental problems and that it has some limitations in certain conditions. In hopeless situations, for example when either the tooth breaks or the infection reaches the jaw bone, then there is no other way but to extract the tooth, even though retaining a natural tooth is any day a better option than getting an artificial implant, he added.

Digital Dentistry = Greater Satisfaction To Customer: Dr Rajiv Chugh, Lifeinchd

Talking about negligence on the part of patients in getting their caries treated, he pointed out that cavities can be filled only when they have not yet reached the nerves. Once that stage is reached, immediate root canal treatment is advised, otherwise the tooth may have to be extracted.

He went on to inform that once tooth is extracted, an artificial implant should be done immediately after the jaw bone has healed sufficiently. Prolonged delay can result in the jaw bone, which has to support the implant, getting reduced, making the implant difficult to fix.

Digital Dentistry = Greater Satisfaction To Customer: Dr Rajiv Chugh, Lifeinchd

Of course, getting bone grafting done to augment the jaw bone is an option, but then another step gets added in the treatment leading to additional time, cost and discomfort to the patient. As they say “a stitch in time saves nine”. Immediate replacement should be done, he advised.

Dr Chugh maintained that the implants are made of titanium and are safe. The material is bio compatible and threads of the screw-like extension of the implant get fused with the jaw bone, which, like bones in other parts of the body, is soft and elastic. It’s a good replacement, if required.


He also informed the gathering of dentists that IFEA WEC 2020 – International Federation of Endodontic Associations’ 12th World Endodontic Congress (WEC) will be held at Chennai from Sept 23-23, 2020, the very first time a world endodontic conference is being hosted by India.

Centenary Year Of Dentistry

The CDE on Sunday marked the beginning of centenary year celebrations of dentistry in India. Dr R Ahmed founded the first Dental College of India in 1920. It was funded by starting the New York Soda fountain in Kolkata. The centenary torch, which began its journey from the Indian Dental Conference in Tiruvananthapuram, Kerala, has reached Chandigarh and will be passed around dental institutes in the tricity in the coming days.

Centenary Year Of ICD

This year, the International College of Dentists (ICD) is also celebrating 100 years of its existence. ICD was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1920 by a group of Japanese and American dentists.

ICD indulges in scientific and social activities. Enrolment entitles a dentist to fellowship, not membership. Dentists above 35 years of age, recommended by their colleagues, go through a stringent scrutiny before they are enrolled for the lifelong fellowship, which needs to be renewed every three years. Candidates ought to have contributed significantly to the profession and to the society at large. Considering that the college has its branches in 120 countries, only 12,000-13,000 dentists worldwide have received this fellowship so far.

Current president of the Chandigarh state branch of IDA Dr RP Gupta, who is also incumbent president of ICD Section 6, comprising India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, informed that during this special year, IDA Chandigarh, along with ICD, plans to organise extensive awareness activities for the public at large. Adding to this, IDA Chandigarh branch secretary Dr Arpit Gupta said two such programmes have been planned on International Women’s Day on March 8 and World Oral Health Day on March 20.  

About Dr Rajiv Chugh, faculty for the CDE

After obtaining his Masters from King George’s Medical College, Luchnow University, in 1984, Dr Rajiv Chugh went on to become a fellow of the International College of Dentistry, USA, and fellow of the Academy of Dentistry International, USA.

Dr Chugh is a Nobel fellow in implant and aesthetic dentistry and has to his credit many international upgradation programmes in India. He has contributed various scientific papers in journals of international repute.

Dr Chugh is a member of the American Association of Endodontics, Indian Dental Association, Federation of Operative Dentistry of India and founder member of Indian Endodontics Society and the Indian Academy of Restorative Dentistry.

An eminent endodontist, Dr Chugh’s forte is the management of failed and difficult root canal treatments. He extensively lectures dentists all over the globe and is attached to various continuing education programmes to bring in the latest techniques and equipments used in dentistry today.  by APR Media House is an enjoyable digital reading startup, which keeps you abreast of the latest meaningful happenings of interest to large sections of folks in Chandigarh tricity, and expats from the region. It has been promoted by a public spirited senior journalist and media consultant with a view to encourage good quality and healthy journalism, a dire need of the times.

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