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Bonanza For Riders; Level Playing Field For Drivers

Finding the current cab aggregators’ working model as skewed and heavily weighed against taxi drivers and riders, a former auto/cab driver and operator has come out with a new chain networking business model which promises a win-win situation and attractive lifelong incentive income for drivers and riders alike.

So, here comes cab hailing service ‘Peru Cabs’, launched in the tricity on Thursday by co-founder couple MK Perumal and Rupali with 1,000 taxis already aggregated.

It comes with a host of attractive offers, including guaranteed cash back on every ride on pay per km basis starting @Rs 10/km with no unethical ‘surge pricing’, monthly gift of free rides, loyalty bonus, and opportunity for lifelong incentive income through chain networking.

Bonanza For Riders; Level Playing Field For Drivers, Lifeinchd

Peru Cabs Co-founders: MK Perumal & Rupali

Photo Courtesy: Peru Cabs

Perumal, who experienced the pain and agony of his highly successful cab rental service in Nagpur crumbling in 2016 following the country allowing the entry of MNC cab aggregators in 2014, and Rupali say “We have been striving all these years to create a level playing field for cab drivers – to start something which fellow cab drivers can trust as their own.”

Bonanza For Riders; Level Playing Field For Drivers, Lifeinchd

Peru Cabs Team In Chandigarh

The unique selling proposition (USP) of Peru Cabs app, explains Perumal (from whose name ‘Peru’ has emerged) is that “it treats both cab owners and customers (riders) as ‘consultants’ just as consultants in any other business. On becoming a consultant, there are 12 different streams from which a lifelong income can be earned. The greater the chain formed through a system of referrals, the greater the lifelong incentive income a consultant gets.”

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What is in it for riders: Apart from no surge pricing, for frequent or daily riders there is assured cash back at the end of every month, plus a gift in terms of free rides, and in addition option of becoming Peru Cabs consultant to reap lifelong incentive income.

For drivers: Instant cash business, refer & earn, build your team, 12 streams of lifelong incentive income (including ride profit of up to 70%, performance bonus, taxi EMI bonus, maintenance fund & more), transferrable business, weekly business training, skill development facility for families.

Why Chandigarh first? Says Perumal: Our family moved to Chandigarh in 2022 to closely monitor the development of the Peru Cabs app, done by a Chandigarh based IT company, and since then we have made the city our home.

He claims that 1,000 taxis have already been aggregated on the Peru Cabs app in the Chandigarh tricity. “This number is sought to be quickly raised to 5000 as our driver and customer centric business model is being lapped up fast."

Autos will also be soon added on the app, which is estimated to connect approximately 45,000 drivers and 4.5 million customers in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana.

Perumal shares that there is a potential for approximately one million trips per week in the region and as per a rough estimate a payment of Rs 8.4 crores is there to be collected in this cab booking app, considering average single trip to be Rs. 100.

He expresses confidence that Peru Cabs will be able to go pan India in 6 months to one year timeline, and then go global, why not!

Bonanza For Riders; Level Playing Field For Drivers, Lifeinchd 

Bonanza For Riders; Level Playing Field For Drivers, Lifeinchd

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