• Wouldn’t you want to look in the mirror each day of your life and be able to exclaim WOW, no matter what your age. Wouldn’t you do, or pay anything to keep your skin looking youthful and glowing. All of us do. But then age has its own way of showing exactly where it hurts most – on your face. Here comes a unisex wellness salon which bets its money on a near miracle Korean non-invasive anti-ageing remedy, which it claims has been tried and tested. Homemaker and socialite-turned-first time entrepreneur Shalu Swani, principal promoter of ‘Stylush’ who has had a long standing passion for keeping abreast with worldwide research and breakthroughs in the field of beauty and wellness, vouches for the Korean stem cell therapy to work wonders on men and women alike in 10-minute sittings for 10 days running.
Stylush, a large format salon on the Madhya Marg in Sector 9, made its soft launch a month ago, and is set to officially open its relaxing, nourishing and rejuvenating decor and interiors with an English feel to it, and professional services using the best of therapies and products from around the world, to the stylish community of the city this weekend. Though unisex, the salon has taken care to honour the privacy and comfort zone of both sexes with subtly segregated sections. Complimentary valet parking is available at front and rear entrances to the salon, sparing you the hassle of searching for a parking slot.  
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On Wednesday, taking media persons around her salon, which has been tastefully done up in four pleasing colours – purple, blue, gold and grey - Shalu shared the background to her dream project thus: “As a homemaker from a business family of the city, occasionally travelling to various parts of the world, I was fascinated by all beauty and wellness therapies and products that were organic and without chemicals. I enjoyed each one of these being used on me, and judged their genuineness and effectiveness. Seeing the wonderful results, I thought why not make available the best of what I loved to folks in Chandigarh and around.
And, here I am, a first time entrepreneur, ready to wow the visitors who want to look their best, always.” Well known make-up artist in these parts Parveen, who has to his credit over 50,000 bridals over 17 years of his services in well known local salons, and is on record for having done makeover of 100 brides in a single day, has joined the salon as its co-founder. “Parveen is just out of the world. He can do a perfect bridal make-up in 15 minutes flat,” Shalu gushed.
“I tried out the Korean stem cell skin therapy while on a visit to London, where it was a rage. When I came back, it was like everyone full of admiration for my new looks and asking me what have I got done. It was then that I thought to myself, if it can happen to me, why not to others. The idea that germinated in my mind took me all the way to South Korea to do research on the technique, which basically uses regenerated stem cells sprayed on the face to activate our lymph nodes for stalling ageing (the package costs a cool Rs 25,000 plus applicable tax). While in Korea, I also learnt a whole lot about their other well-established, traditional and authentic beauty and wellness therapies. I used them on myself and the results were stunning,” Shalu explained.
The salon also claims to have brought to the city for the first time ‘microblading’, a US technique for permanent thickening of eyebrows, and permanent mink eyelash extensions. Also available are organic pedicure and manicure with sea salts and jasmine oils for both men and women. 
For facial rejuvenation, there are Korean masks like rice, collagen, bee pollen, etc. Japanese seaweed masks and anti ageing make-ups are some of the other specialities at the salon. Hair detox using sweet almonds therapy from Korea is claimed to be time tested. So are some of the German therapies. On every visit to the salon for any service, a patron gets relaxing Japanese aroma oil massages in the pulse area and specific points on the scalp.
The salon premises also houses Stylush School of Hair & Make-up in the basement which is affiliated with UK based academy of the Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT)
An impressive feature of the menu book is the pep messages interspersing the range of services for women and men like ‘Invest in your hear and wear it every day’, 
‘Relax your body....Calm Your Mind.....Renew your spirit’, ‘The happiest girls always have the prettiest nails’ and ‘Glamour never takes a day off’.
Some of the services with rates (plus applicable tax)
  • Hair deep conditioning - Rs 600
  • Head massage (coconut/Moroccan/olive oil) - Rs 900
  • Stylush Hair Detox Therapy - Rs 2500
  • Hair colour global & Highlights - Rs 8,000-14,000
  • Comforting manicure/pedicure - Rs 1200-1300
  • Full body organic bleach - Rs 3599
  • Party make-up - Rs 5,000-14,000
  • Bridal make-up - Rs 20,000-30,000
  • Head massage - Rs 700
  • Hair cut - Rs 650
  • Beard trim and shave - Rs 300 each
  • Comforting manicure/pedicure - Rs 1200-1300
  • Organic hair colour - Rs 1300
  • Rebonding - Rs 3500
  • Groom make-up - Rs 5,000
  • Best man make-up - Rs 3500
Services are available for children, too.
For consultation : 87270 22208

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