• It is that time of the year when the entire country is gripped by high sentiment. Marking the auspicious start to a long festive season, Navratri (meaning nine nights), brings with it religious fervour and an upbeat market mood. It also brings days of fasting, when the devout are very particular what they eat or drink, strictly no onion or garlic for many, not even smell of it.

So, it’s a difficult task to decide where to go when planning to eat out. A very obvious choice would be a strictly vegetarian restaurant with a spankingly clean kitchen. The options aren’t too many in the tricity, and around. A good option LifeInChandigarh.com would like to suggest to readers who are in a state of uncertainty is Nineteenth May, an authentic vegan restaurant with a most modern, spacious and clean kitchen which opened up in Mohali’s Sector 67 less than six months ago. It already boasts of a sizable clientele, most of them repeat visitors.

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Run by a highly experienced hospitality professional with exposure to world class kitchen facilities, chefs and menus, Nineteenth May, has rolled out the red carpet for the devout. Besides creating a special Navratri welcome gate, and doing theme decor on the ground floor and spacious basement to create a great ambience, the restaurant has laid out a wonderful Navratri menu. Two chefs of the restaurant have been dedicated to prepare this menu, all items on which are cooking in desi ghee and are sans onion or garlic.

So you have a choice between a wholesome and tasty Navratri thali, in case you want to have your heart’s fill, an aloo-poori, sabudana kheer, freshly cut mix fruit bowl, sabudana tikki and shakarkand chaat. Every item is freshly prepared to give you that special taste and aroma.

This writer tested out his favourite aloo bhaji with kuttu atta poori. It was awesome!

A visit to Nineteenth May is highly recommended. So, if you are planning to eat out during Navratri days, and want to be sure, Nineteenth May is the place to go!        

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