Till a while ago, getting food delivered at your home late at night, actually post 11 pm, was unheard of. A late night could be an outing with friends or arriving home after a super long day at work. ..

It’s been a busy month for lovers of literature with back-to-back book launches being held in the city. Friday evening saw Parbina Rashid, a senior journalist in the city, formally launch her la..

It's the birthday month of the Government Museum and Art Gallery in Chandigarh. Did you know that the Museum building was designed by Le Corbusier himself and was formally inaugurated on May 6, 1968 u..

It might have been a lazy and hot summer Wednesday afternoon. But in the kitchens of the University Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management (UIHTM) at Panjab University, it was an action-packed day...

It’s a known fact that when it comes to jewellery choices, Indian consumers love gold. In recent times, there has been a new found love for diamonds and other metals like platinum. Gemstones, th..

Till a few years ago, Imam A Siddique wasn’t a household name. Yes, those in Mumbai, especially in the advertising circles, had heard/worked with him. But come Season 6 of Bigg Boss, the popular..

There are many parts of the city, more like certain sections in a sector, which have come to be recognised for a particular thing over the years. For example, much before the sale of liquor ban near h..

When it first launched a few years ago, Black Lotus, the fine dining Chinese restaurant housed in Taj Chandigarh became the go-to place to satiate all your Chinese food cravings. The menu was simple b..

Summer is a scorcher in the city and the mere thought of dressing up in formal wear can make you break into a sweat. More often than not, formal wear here is associated with clothing that doesn’..

For many years, celebrated theatre director from Chandigarh, Neelam Man Singh Chowdhry has, as she admits so herself, worked with scripts and stories that were complete - where there was the usual for..

Being the daughter of an Army officer, I grew up in various cities of India, often shifting from one ‘station’ to another, every two to three years. Before I ‘settled’ in Chand..

When it comes to the current chart toppers in Punjabi music, it’s no surprise that peppy, upbeat numbers tend to rule. But there’s also place for slow, romantic numbers and that’s th..

Summer evenings in the city can be balmy and boring but not if you happened to be at Casa Bella Vista, the popular Mediterranean cafe in Sector 10 on Tuesday evening. The weather was magnanimous, a li..

Mention the name Mohammad Ali Jinnah to anyone today and chances are you will get to hear much hated aspects about his personality than positive. Once the tallest Muslim leader (not just physically) o..

At first, Mamta Sharma (name changed to protect identity) thought her nine-year-old son was simply “naughty” and avoided doing homework on his own. Otherwise an active child who met growth..

It has become an annual event on the city’s exhibition roster and just when you thought the Thailand exhibition was becoming a predictable affair, this year’s edition throws a welcome surp..

Do you remember your English grammar lessons in school? Were they fun? It’s safe to say that a majority of us learnt by rote and didn’t really understand the rules of the language and usag..

It’s time to celebrate the change of season and usher in the first set of Navratras of the year. The nine days seen as an auspicious time of the year also mean fasting for some while bringing in..

His popularity, especially among the ladies, could well make a Bollywood superstar jealous. But he’s not just made women swoon over his culinary skills but, as his Twitter bio points out aptly, ..

The moment you step inside the building of Sahayta Cancer Kendra in Sector 15, Chandigarh, you are greeted by smiles, even though these are busy days for the volunteers and members of the Sahayta Char..